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Gloria Parnham Bradfield (Jour’59) has captured the political intrigue, suspense and humor of 19th century American life in her insightful novel, Thrones (Xlibris). Set in 1848, Bradfield’s story transports the reader into the smoldering political climate of the antebellum South where men manipulated, conspired and debated the future of the country as they steeled their positions for what was to come.


Air Force ROTC celebrates with reunion

Amidst the traditional silver and gold school colors, CU-Boulder’s campus recently showcased its Air Force-blue heritage.

During a bi-biennial reunion held in Boulder Sept. 17 to 20, 105 alumni from the school’s Air Force ROTC Detachment 105 cadet corps descended upon the city for camaraderie and a chance to mentor the detachment’s next generation of officers.