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CU Students Share Memories from Traveling to Tanzania

CU-Boulder’s Global Seminars — short-term programs abroad led by CU-Boulder faculty members during the summer or winter break — give students the opportunity to travel in a small group while immersing themselves in a foreign culture. In May 2013 11 students traveled to Tanzania, Africa, for two weeks with anthropology professor Laura DeLuca. Below, they share

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Hunting with the Hadza

By Kale Olander After spending 13 nights camping in the bush of Tanzania, I was coated with a thick layer of dirt and rocking a serious farmer’s tan, all while covered in bug bites and countless cuts from the unrelenting East African flora. Even my identity had changed: I was no longer known as “Kale,”

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Less Is More

By Kelsey Stimson My heart is pounding. My thoughts are racing. The Jeep is swerving. The sights and smells are unrecognizable, unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced before. And that’s when I knew I had finally arrived in Africa. The first night was euphoric. The market was full of life. There were men on

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A Hike to Remember

By Edie Shipler I woke to the sound of one of my tour guides banging on the side of my tent and moving on the tent next to mine trying to wake everyone up. It was our last night of sleeping in tents in the bush in Tanzania after 14 days and it had definitely

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Blood Brothers

By Kevin Shepard I’ve wanted to travel to East Africa since I took a freshman anthropology class at CU taught by professor Laura DeLuca called Regional Cultures of Africa. In May 2013, I was given the opportunity to travel to Tanzania with Dr. DeLuca’s Global Seminar Program. In the seminar, Tanzania on Conservation/Globalization in Tanzania,

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