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Daughters of the West Mesa

2009 eleven female remains and an unborn fetus were discovered on the West Mesa outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Irene Blea has synthesized what she experienced while living in the region and introduces us to Dora, a single mother, and her two daughters, Luna and Andrea.


Charlie’s Pride

Charlie, the proud hero of this strong and gripping story, is known to his fellow truckers, loggers, and fishermen as Hawk. His father, a full-blooded Hupok, taught him his Indian heritage; his Scots-Irish mother gave him a lifelong love of reading.


Patriotic Betrayal

Karen M. Paget shows how the CIA turned the National Student Association into an intelligence asset during the Cold War, with students used — often wittingly and sometimes unwittingly — as undercover agents inside America and abroad.


The Romeo Boys

Pumping gas in a small Colorado town in the summer of 1964 is hot, grimy work — especially if you want to be a rock ‘n roll star, like Bobby Masters and the members of his struggling band.


Boy on Ice

The tragic death of hockey star Derek Boogaard at twenty-eight was front-page news across the country in 2011 and helped shatter the silence about violence and concussions in professional sports.


Hostile Takeover

Professional assassin John Lago faces off against his deadliest adversary yet—his wife—in Hostile Takeover, the exciting sequel to Shane Kuhn’s bestselling debut The Intern’s Handbook.