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University of Colorado Boulder

Campus soul shines

Recent months have shown the university at its best in ways big and small, on both a grand scale and on a personal level. We were excited to learn this fall that the National Solar Observatory chose the University of Colorado Boulder for its headquarters. CU-Boulder’s east campus will be the primary site for scientific

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This isn’t your parent’s CU

“Your guidance and encouragement helped me to stay in school and complete my undergraduate studies at a time when I had doubts about my ability,” Mel wrote. “You told me a degree would give me options I would not have otherwise. Your words had a profound impact on my career and on my life.”


Be a voice for CU

When Cheryl Campbell (Bus, ChemEngr’83, MBus’90) wrote to me asking how she could help the university during a prolonged funding crisis for public higher education, I responded she could help with her voice.


Circles of influence

Recently we celebrated the 100th anniversary of teacher licensure at the University of Colorado at Boulder. While celebrating this milestone, I have been thinking about how all the teachers who have passed through our halls and made a difference in childrens’ lives symbolize the reach of the university.


Two generations leave their mark at CU

One of the great things about serving the University of Colorado at Boulder for 35 years as a professor, dean, provost and now chancellor is I get to see two generations of graduates joining our alumni family.