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Q&A With The President – Bruce D. Benson

CU President Bruce D. Benson (Geol’64, HonDocSci’04) celebrated his sixth year on the job in March, becoming the longest-serving CU president in 50 years. Under his watch, the university has followed a deliberate course, surviving the worst economic downturn in 75 years and positioning itself for the future.


From the President

Enhancing connections with alumni was one of the compelling reasons for CU to join the Pac-12 Conference. Numbers alone tell a story. CU-Boulder has some 38,000 alumni in Pac-12 states, and there are more than 51,000 alumni from all our campuses. In the Big 12 footprint, we had fewer than 12,000. All counts exclude Colorado.


Advice for life

One of the best things about serving as president of our great university is commencement. For graduates, it is both the culmination of years of hard work and the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. It’s fun to be there when students become alumni to share the excitement of accomplishment and the anticipation of things to come.