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Action Science: Relevant Teaching and Active Learning

Author William Robertson draws from his more than 35 years as a skateboarder in his book Action Science: Relevant Teaching and Active Learning, which aims to motivate middle school students to learn physical science concepts in areas such as forces, motion, Newton’s Laws of Motion by using activities that they enjoy doing such as riding bikes and skateboards as examples.


Becoming a Great School: Harnessing the Powers of Quality Management and Collaborative Leadership

By Kenneth B. Cooper (EdD’82), Nels Gustafson, Joseph G. Salah (Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2013; 192 pages) Buy Becoming a Great School What makes a “great school”? According to the three authors, it all comes down to staff motivation. This guide — intended for superintendents, principals, teachers and teacher’s associations — provides a detailed description

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In Cheeseman Park

In Cheesman Park by Steve Hallock (Jour’72) details life in the late 1960s and early ‘70s in near east Denver, focusing on the free-love, drug and social culture in the Cheesman Park neighborhood of the Capitol Hill district. The book culminates with an early-morning, brutal rape by one of Hallock’s close friends.


The Accidental Bachelor

Finn McCallister has serious doubts about his career. The receptionist in his coastal California real estate office wears her wet suit to work, and his eccentric boss lectures in Pidgin. As the last of his friends to find a customer for his surname, hungover from one singles-bar karaoke of “Heat of the Moment” too many, Finn senses his personal life, too, is circling the drain.


Right as Rain

When Molly Carter finally gets hired at a small school on the plains of Colorado, she couldn’t be more thrilled to declare her independence. Now that she’s hours away from friends, family, and the amenities of the big city, she embarks on an emotional roller coaster as she realizes that not everyone in the close-knit town is ready to welcome her with open arms.


The Zxap Jacket

When gumshoe New York City detective Joe Zinski hunts his partner’s killers, he finds his 2047 acid rain world has more dangers than even a top of the line, rain neutralizing Mark IV Zxap Jacket can fend off. As gangs gather in the Toxic Box across the Hudson, Zinski follows his one piece of evidence, an orange Mark IV decorated in ODDS gang graffiti.